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This job has expired.

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Looking for Bright Individuals to Learn Coding and Accelerate your Career - Zero Tuition Until You're Hired Wanted

Full time

Hong Kong

Sales / Business Developer

starting date : 2017-04-30

Accelerate might be able to provide a visa.


We Bridge the Tech Skills Gap by Training & Placing Top Talent. Immersive Bootcamps in Hong Kong. Zero Tuition Until You're Hired.

1,000+ Hours.  50+ Projects.  Accelerate Your Career.

Imparting Job-critical Skill-sets: Emulate a real-world environment

Why Accelerate?

We are here to unleash your potential

 Accelerate eliminates the financial barrier between education and opportunity for motivated learners to transform their career.

 We seek students with a burning desire to take the most advantage of Accelerate and reinvent theirselves.

Imparting Job-critical Skill-sets Emulate a real-world environment

 Our 16 week full-time immersive program provides students with a breadth of web development skills.

 We also instil industry best practices including Agile, project management, and holistic development that maximize autonomous "learn to learn" frameworks for bleeding-edge projects beyond Accelerate.

Feel free to reach out to our team should you have any questions about the application process, receive a full syllabus or want to schedule an initial consultation.   


More info at http://www.acceleratedhk.com/immersive


Salary range / month :  none

WHubber factors

Startups have different perks to offer to talent. Here is their allocation of 100 points.

Flexible Role and Responsibility

Impact on Society

Created on: 2017/04/11

This job has expired.

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