HK's First Socially Aligned Coding Bootcamp. No coding experience required.
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"Imagine if every student regardless of their age, gender or social background had the opportunity to unleash their potential and financially empower themselves".

We employ a project-based learning model to bridge the technical and non-technical skills gap between formal education and on-the-job success. Our ethos is to empower motivated learners into employable web developers and open doors for them to unleash their true potential. We also instill industry best practices and non-technical skills that maximize a "learn to learn" framework for bleeding-edge projects beyond Accelerate.

No coding experience is required but we certainly seek a love for continuous learning, a desire to embrace challenges and a mindset to turn failure into opportunity. 

Accelerate is HK's first socially aligned immersive coding bootcamp. Our education-to-employment model and flipped classroom pedagogy intensively trains promising software engineering talent from underrepresented backgrounds (e.g. minority, low-income, disabled, women) and places them at high impact roles with 25+ top-startups. We do not charge any tuition until you are hired. Instead we are only successful when our graduates are successful, thereby catalyzing inclusive growth of HK's tech ecosystem. 

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