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Are you growing your company or merely running it? 3 time-saving management tools to use on Odoo

Running a company take more time than you think. All the new software out there are supposed to make your life easier, however, managing multiple software tools and making them work together is still a pain for many people. That’s why at W Hub, we love what Odoo is doing.

HK startup stories, W Hub interviewing Odoo's founder, Hong Kong entrepreneur
“A software like Odoo saves time in administration and organization. You can therefore use your time to concentrate on more important things like finding new clients, and growing your business,” says Salvatore Provenzano, APAC Director of Odoo.

Integration is Odoo’s unique feature. Odoo provides a full list of business applications that are fully integrated, mobile friendly and easy to use, so that you can get everything under control with just one software. From managing your customer relationship, design and launch your own marketing to managing invoice and accounting.

HK startup stories, W Hub interviewing Odoo's founder, Hong Kong entrepreneur
Odoo has more than two million users, with more than five thousand developers working hard to push out new apps every month. Salvatore says the open source model of Odoo allows it to leverage developers in order to build a big list of apps in a short period of time.

Salvatore also reveals that startups can now use one app for free on Odoo now, and here are the top 3 management apps we recommend you to try on Odoo.

CRM: with Odoo’s CRM tool, you can see the previous discussion you had with your customers, stay on top of the game by knowing what and when exactly you need to do follow-ups with your customers.

Sales: You can close a deal with clients using solely Odoo’s sales app, from putting together a clear and nice quotation, sending out a proposal to closing a deal and getting your clients to pay, the app makes the sales process run seamlessly.

HK startup stories, W Hub interviewing Odoo's founder, Hong Kong entrepreneur

Invoicing: You can manage contacts, create invoices without making tons of excel files and handle payments with the invoicing app, the app also allows you to keep track of the bank account movement using the status overview and analyze data.

Salvatore says the one thing he love the most about his job is the fact that he gets to meet a lot of entrepreneurs and understand the processes and challenges in each industry, Salvatore and his team will then help to solved those problems and let entrepreneurs focus on their key mission.

Failures and challenges are inevitable in startups, but Salvatore says we should keep going on with our #StartupPassion, never give up and be optimistic!

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