Everyone is unique, so too should be the way that you are cared for
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Prenetics is a rapidly growing DNA Biotechnology company. At Prenetics, our mission is to improve quality of life and to save on healthcare costs by providing the tools essential for personalized healthcare management.

The Prenetics team consists of top-tier scientists, engineers and healthcare professionals who work together to provide vital information to healthcare professionals and patients. Prenetics uses next-generation DNA Sequencing technology with custom automation in its ISO-accredited and World Health Organization-approved diagnostics laboratory. Many years of research and development now pave the way for Prenetics to make a difference to society.

from Reactive to Preventive - the new paradigm

The current healthcare paradigm is one in which reactive actions often take place after symptoms are already present, and diseases have begun to progress, sometimes it is just too late. We’re committed to changing this to preventive actions that enables healthier and happier lives.

We’re pioneering a new paradigm in which personalized treatment is accessible and affordable for everyone. We know everyone’s DNA is unique, and so too should be the way we care for them.

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    Prenetics is a technology-driven life sciences company specializing in precision medicine. At Prenetics, our mission is to help people lead healthi...
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