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AI Design Achitect Wanted

Full time

Hong Kong ,   Southern, HK

Software engineer

starting date : 2019-04-01 can not provide a visa.


The overall role of this “AI Design Architect” position is to develop an appropriate Smart Tourism system based on company’s comprehensive Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

This candidate will be trained to deliver at least the following activities:  

·         Define overall system architecture (both distributed & centralized including making use of mobile apps)

·         Select the appropriate AI algorithms

·         Define the appropriate work flow to ensure better usability

·         Interface with appropriate 3rd party technologies (smart video compression, GPS, interactive maps, robotics, drones, cameras/CCTVs, digital signage, mobile apps et)

·         Design the system including core AI components, interfaces and GUI

·         Prepare system specifications/documentation to facilitate the coordination between R&D /algorithms teams, system developers, GUI developers, QA throughout entire product development activities

·         Design common interfacing modules to ensure seamless integration between different systems

·         Prepare testing criteria (both lab and live testing)

Maintain complete documentations for all product related activities

You will be working with   Ivy Li (Executive Director)


Equity part is negotiable.

Salary range / month :  HK$ 20k-40k

Created on: 2019/03/14

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