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This job has expired.

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AI Technical Specialist - Entry Level Wanted

Full time

Hong Kong ,   Southern, HK


starting date : 2019-02-25 might be able to provide a visa.


Telephone: +852 8216 2219 / +852 3892 7631



This position is suitable for someone who likes to learn and keep abreast of the latest technology and enjoys dealing with customers. This role will grow into industry advisory role in practical Artificial Intelligence (AI) arena.


Roles and Responsibilities

Provide Technical support that includes at least the following activities:


·         Become familiarized with the world’s most advanced AI applications

·         Become familiarized with customers and industry AI related use cases

·         Assist Customers in designing and architecting the most suitable AI solution

·         Prepare and present Technical Proposal

·         Coordination and setup of various Pilot Projects and project implementation

·         Integrating AI with different IoT devices


·         University Graduate with majors in Engineering, Computer Science, STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) or equivalent

·         Good understanding of IT jargons, networking concept, computer Knowledge including Microsoft environment, software Installation, etc.

·         Good understanding of IoT devices and other hardware

·         Good analytical and problem-solving skills


Training and on-the-training on AI will be provided.

Selected candidate will be going through various management training program and one of the following career development plans can be arranged for suitable candidate

·         trained to become an industry specialist in Artificial Intelligence arena

·         Can grow into a leadership role

·         Progress into Solution Consultant or into a substantial role in the R&D team – depending on the preference and aptitude of the candidate.

·         Gain hands-on practical knowledge and experience necessary to become an AI Expert.    


Brief Company Introduction:

WildFaces’ patented disruptive Vision-based Artificial Intelligence Technology that can perform “Anonymous” Face Recognition and Track On-the-Move in extreme crowds in real time at significant distances with minimal infrastructure. Using video streams from drones, smart-glasses, body-worn cameras and even smartphones, this highly cost-effective system can recognize and track 33-TIMES more faces; covering 7-TIMES wider areas with just 1/4 of the computation comparing with the traditional Facial Recognition systems. 


Equity part is negotiable.

Salary range / month :  < HK$ 20k

WHubber factors

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Flexible Role and Responsibility

Impact on Society


Flexible hours

Created on: 2019/02/25

This job has expired.

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