uFinance Asia Limited

A Hong Kong Fintech startup providing financial support to university students using alternative credit scorecard.
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It started with three university students entering a startup competition, wondering what problems need to be solved. Aside from pursuing their academics degrees, students also try to find their dreams and purposes in life at university. While universities do promote all-rounded growth, students often lack the financial freedom to take advantage of the available opportunities.

One of our co-founders presented with opportunities to go on exchange programs and to go abroad for conferences held by industry leaders but had to miss out on them due to financial difficulties that could have been resolved over weeks. These were opportunities that could only be pursued as students. Realising the importance of seizing these precious opportunities, we founded uFinance on the belief that students should be able to unleash their full potential.

University is a place for students to pursue their dreams and to live their university life fully. We want students to be able to seize every opportunity and to believe that they are the makers of tomorrow.

uFinance believes in the importance of personal growth as well as academic growth. From conferences organized by industry leaders, exchange programs to backpack graduation trips, we want students to gain as much such invaluable experiences as possible. Financial restrictions should not hamper students in succeeding and getting the most out of their university life.

uFinance provides students a safe and low-interest student loan platform, enabling them to seize every opportunity given to them from their university. In addition, students also have the option to choose a maximum of 24 installment period to reduce their daily expense burden. We understand the invaluable experiences that students gain during their time at university, and therefore hope that we become a platform to enable students to seek for financial support. Moreover, one of our mission is to become a platform for students to seek financial guidance and knowledge, enabling students to learn basic personal financial management skills such as interest calculation, financial assessment, and affordability before entering society. These skills are highly demanded and useful in modern society today, and therefore we hope our platform will be able to provide this knowledge for students to invest in their future.

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