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This job has expired.

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Recruiter Wanted

Full time

Hong Kong

HR / Legal

starting date : 2017-06-01

Terminal 1 might be able to provide a visa.


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We're looking for a high calibre recruiting professional with a technical background to identify, attract, and close top talent.

You must also be passionate on how software can change the world of recruitment.

  • -Proven experience as a recruiter
  • -A good eye for people; ability to quickly and accurately qualify and screen candidates
  • -Good pitching and writing skills - must be able to express facets of client or candidate concisely and convincingly
  • -Ability to take initiative to proactively source potential candidates; cold calling experience
  • -Soft sales skills - set and manage client expectations while being responsive, professional and easy to work with
  • -Adept scheduler and organizer who will follow-up and manage conflicts
Huge Bonus:
  • -Strong programming background
  • -Knack for judging quality of programmer in a specific role

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Equity part is negotiable.

Salary range / month :  HK$ 20k-40k

Created on: 2017/05/15

This job has expired.

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