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This job has expired.

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Senior Content Marketing Manager/Blog Manager/Writer At Spacious Wanted

Full time

Hong Kong

Media / Blogger / Social media

starting date : 2017-11-30

Spacious might be able to provide a visa.


We are looking for someone smart, creative and driven to join our team to help manage our content creation strategy and create content for our blog.

1)Monitor daily news from various real estate blogs and publications, and linking this back to data from Spacious to provide meaningful insights and commentary which helps to establish Spacious as the go-to place for real estate news (30%) 
2) Create a strong content distribution strategy with strong engagement across our social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. (15%) 
3) Help to develop a strong SEO keyword strategy which targets the business objectives (15%) 
4) Help with email marketing by creating engaging newsletters that help to drive sales and user traffic (20%) 
4) Help to manage and monitor content across our website to ensure it is consistent and presents a strong brand image. (20%)

For this role, the ability to both speak and write English and Chinese is a must. 
You need to be creative and absolutely obsessed with writing/producing the best quality and engaging content that readers will enjoy. In addition to articles, you will also be responsible for sourcing photo content, creating infographics and making shorts videos for distribution. 
You need to be comfortable creating different types of content including blog articles, videos, infographics and photos. 
Previous experience of keyword research and Search Engine Optimisation is a major bonus. 
Strong familiarity with Google Analytics is a major bonus for this role. 
We believe in downtime and recharging your batteries so offer 18 paid vacation days a year.

We are a flat organisation with no strict reporting lines so you will be given a large amount of autonomy. Open communication with all team members is part of our company culture. 
The right candidate can grow into the regional head of Content Marketing as our regional headquarters are in Hong Kong.

You will be working with   Asif


Equity part is negotiable.

Salary range / month :  HK$ 20k-40k

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Created on: 2017/11/28

This job has expired.

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