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This job has expired.

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CTO or Lead Developer Wanted

Full time

Hong Kong


starting date : 2018-03-01

RectiCurve can provide a visa.


I'd like to directly go to the point without too formal & boring job advertisement.

  • I am looking for CTO or Lead Developer. It depends on who you are.
  • I need to create an online platform, where the users can play a variety of online multiplayer games. (Please note that our emphasis is on creating a platform while we may need to develop some of our own simple games.)
  • At the same time, I need to create online user interfaces too such as mobile app and web app.
  • I need the one who can draw a big picture with super details of these all: platform & user interfaces.
  • Whichever programming languages you use, it doesn't matter. I need just a big picture with super details and its final implementation. That's it.
  • Since we will work close to games, if you have experience &
     knowldge in game making, it would be highly advantageous.
  • I, a sole founder & director, have a patent-applied business method on online advertising. If you think you fit the above conditions, we can meet in the middle to share my business idea and your competence.
  • Yes, our company will bring a new method of online advertising.
  • I'm already in Cyberport, Hong Kong. We'll be here to work together.
  • If you are confident enough in your competence and ready to help those in need, please contact me.

You will be working with   Tony Lee, Founder & CEO


Salary range / month :  Negotiable

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Flexible Role and Responsibility

Impact on Society


Flexible hours

Flexible location

Created on: 2018/02/07

This job has expired.

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