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Quokka Reward (www.quokkareward.com) is named after Quokka, the “happiest animal on earth”, and it represents our underlying mission – to bring happiness to the workplace. We are building a platform that powers people and culture-focused companies in Asia.

Quokka Reward aims to solve the employee engagement and retention problem. We help companies improve their employee experiences, motivation and loyalty through a suite of products that focus on Engagement, Performance, Recognition and Rewards, Analytic and Insights.

By bringing these features into an unified platform, we empower organizations to put their people first and make informed decisions based on actionable insights. We believe people are always the greatest asset to a company's success and our team are passionate about making this happen.

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    Herbert Siu
    Founder and CEO
    Having worked in the top-tier Investment banking, private equity and venture capital over the years both in London/Hong Kong, I last worked in Octo... Read More
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    Victor Zhu
    McGill Graduate focusing on AI and blockchain tech application
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    Yeung Shing
    Co Founder and Head of Product
    I am a Serial entrepreneur having launched two startups from scratch. Previously worked at Goldman Sachs as an Executive Director. I hold a B.S. de... Read More