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This job has expired.

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Copywriter Wanted

Part time

Hong Kong ,   Central & Western, HK

Editorial & Content Production

starting date : 2017-12-20

Oddity can not provide a visa.


We are looking for a project based copywriter to aid us with our growing workflow.

There will be plenty of guidelines for you to render into coherent wordings: including but not limited to design style, advertising copywriting, core messaging, narrative tone of voice integrity, contentual do’s and ’don’t’s etc 

Previous experience and reference of branding projects is absolutely nescesary 

You will be:

Describing mission, ethos and values of businesses as well as related strategic and creative solutions

Creating  style guides and concept presentations in close collaboration with our design team.

Engaged in design, advertising and editorial copywriting (strong titles, blogs and media for companies) 

Discussing the client’s core message and target audience

Making descisions on narrative voice guidelines and tone of voice integrities

Brainstorming visual and copy ideas with other members of the creative team

Overseeing the production phase.

You should:

Be highly creative and imaginative
Have good written and interpersonal skills
Have an eye for detail
Have an interest in commerce, popular culture, and new advertising trends and techniques.

You will be working with   Alice Muru Creative Director .


Salary range / month :  Negotiable

WHubber factors

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Impact on Society


Flexible hours

Flexible location

Created on: 2017/11/30

This job has expired.

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