MamaHelpers is the first leading free helper database platform. We are revolutionising the current employment industry.
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Whenever our families went through the process of hiring a helper, there were many problems and inefficiencies that they faced. Issues such as wrong fit, wasted time, and unreliable employment agencies were issues that came up again and again. In addition, many employment agencies were unethical in their treatment of employers and helpers.

To prevent employers and families from stress, we came up with the idea to create an open and free database of helpers which employers and our partnered ethical agencies could access anytime. Through our system of community driven reviews, we help ensure that our employers are confident in who they are hiring.

MamaHelpers strives to become the world’s leading employment platform, looking to disrupt the 30-year-old employment industry situation in Hong Kong. Through our open data, employers, helpers and agencies can reach a win-win situation.