AI powered Virtual Fund Manager

Kristal.Ai has created an online platform with the objective of "democratizing investments" and using technology to deliver asset management solutions that are safe, accessible, transparent and under client’s control. The key focus area being application of intelligent algorithms, machine learning and cloud technologies in asset and wealth management space.

Currently small investors get BAD advice from banks & brokers trying to sell them products on which they make the most commissions. We want to be the largest independent advisor for Retail investors in the region using technology to bring transparency, improve efficiency and address the problem of miss-selling and conflicts of interest in the investment advice provided by human advisors, especially to the smaller un-experienced investor.

Our differentiator is Efficiency (which enables us to get the Fees to ZERO for smaller investors) and the lack of bias/ conflict of interest. We do not get any retrocession or kick-backs or commission from Funds or Brokers or other product providers which enables us to be completely independent and work in the investor’s interests.

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  • Asheesh Chanda
    CEO/ Founder
    Asheesh has worked for the over 10 years in a variety of leadership roles in leading banks/funds in Singapore and HK. He is also the founder of O2O... Read More
  • Vivek new
    Vivek Mohindra
    Co-Founder/ Responsible Officer
    Vivek has over 20 years of experience in banking, most of it as a fixed income trader/ specialist in Asia managing between USD 200 to 500 million o... Read More