A standalone video streaming platform for high-school students to achieve highest grade possible, anytime anywhere.
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Throwing back to our experiences as a student, we realized most students are frustrated in schools because they don't realize a systematic way to study can improve their learning efficiency by tenfold or even hundredfold. Hence, we are building a video platform that can ultimately consolidate quality resource, personalize videos by learning style so that students can master the materials effectively simply by subscribing Kosmic anytime anywhere.

Talking to students, we realized that they are very frustrated in schools particularly in mathematics because they don’t have a systematic way to master the materials effectively. The resources come piecewise from everywhere - a bit from online forums, some from tutoring centres and also a portion from schools, hence spending a significant portion of their study time to consolidate resource has been one big problem for them. On top of that, the resources they get is un-personalized, which means that only a portion of students can understand the materials fully and effectively. Through Kosmic, we are aiming to build up a solution for these two problems, starting with Mathematics.

Reach out to us at talents@kosmic.io if you'd like to be involved any way you can imagine!

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