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At FinFabrik we are passionate about defining, building and implementing solutions. We believe that every step in this process starts with people. Those who are doing the work are not merely cogs: they deliver value to improve your customer experience. Technology is an enabler to enhance this experience or make your business more scalable and profitable.

Every aspiration is a journey and it requires capable and trustworthy partners to make it a reality. We want to be your partner for your next ambitions. We are combining deep experience with simplicity and clarity, delivering value and solutions fast, improving upon them iteratively and continuously. We are there every step of the way - and beyond.

FinFabrik transforms the way professionals trade and invest.

We create cryptoassets and stock trading software platforms with a purpose. Our mission is to empower capital markets businesses and individuals to access investment opportunity, take sound decisions and enjoy the experience of building wealth.

Every day our people apply their expertise and energy to build solutions for the new frontier of financial markets enabled by blockchain technology. Our goal is to shape and propel this movement.

FinFabrik products

| CryptoFabrik |
A cryptoassets trading platform for professionals and businesses. It provides a single interface into all of the user's exchange accounts. CryptoFabrik enables an overview of all holdings, comparing of prices and execution of trades across exchanges, all on one centralised platform.

It is free for individual users.
An institutional version for cryptoassets brokerage and wealth management firms is available.

Waitlist open. |

| BrokerFabrik |
A B2B2C white-label equity trading platform. With its modular, enterprise-grade technology stack it empowers brokerage firms and asset managers to drive client engagement, lower total cost of ownership and run their entire business on one innovative platform.

Mobile app and Web app available. |

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