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This job has expired.

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Systems Administrator And Dev Ops Wanted

Full time

Hong Kong ,   Wan Chai, HK

Software engineer

starting date : 2018-02-14

Chengbao Limited can provide a visa.


We're looking for SysAdmin and DevOps talent to join our team building user-friendly online services for consumers. We run high-scale services used by more than a hundred thousand people worldwide. Our company combines the best of being financially successful with the culture of a start-up.

We’re open to candidates with varying levels of experience. Junior or very senior, please talk to us!


Responsibilities can include any or all of the following:

  • Systems admin: Maintain several hundred Ubuntu servers running network applications. Provision new servers as we grow. Pro-actively keep them running well, and respond to outages if necessary. All our servers are leased in remote data-centers. We never visit them physically. The datacenter is responsible for the hardware, and you manage the OS and applications.
  • Devops: Develop software to provision, manage and monitor your servers more efficiently. We currently use a combination of Ansible, Shell scripts, Nagios, Ruby and Python, and you'd build on this.
  • Application development: Help develop new distributed network applications.

Profile of an ideal candidate

  • Super-smart, excited about building well-designed systems, eager to learn and continually improve his or her skills
  • Experienced Linux sysadmin, skilled at troubleshooting system or network issues
  • Great at writing shell scripts
  • Fluent in at least one other programming language
  • Deep understanding of general networking (non-cisco)
  • Nice to have: experience with Ansible or similar tools like Puppet or Chef
  • Nice to have: experience with creating and maintaining documentation
  • Good written English communication. You'll do most of your writing in English. Speaking can be in Cantonese.
  • In general, we're looking for someone with raw smarts and potential who can easily learn the specific skills needed for our work.

About us

We run user-friendly online services for consumers. We operate these services ourselves. We're not an outsourcing shop. We're profitable, growing, and actively hiring. We're a team of 200+ people worldwide, with our core team of 60 people in Hong Kong.

We invest heavily in automated tests and follow the Continuous Delivery methodology for our server-side apps, meaning we ship features as soon as they're ready. When automated tests are green, we know it's safe to deploy.

This position

  • An attractive compensation 
  • Flexible working hours and a healthy work life balance 
  • A Fun and collaborative work environment that gives you room for creativity


Salary range / month :  Negotiable

WHubber factors

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Flexible Role and Responsibility

Impact on Society


Flexible hours

Created on: 2018/02/14

This job has expired.

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