Transforming bond trading for financial institutions
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Our goal is to move away from manual processes to more improved, standardised, and automated workflows, while still keeping the human elements in bond trading. Our vision is to maximise efficiency and information distribution, leading to a more liquid bond market space.

Our current solution is focused on fixed income trading with proven success in both Hong Kong and Singapore. Our key features include:

- A customizable electronic platform with compliance checks and audit trails
- Machine learning tools to extract useful information from legal documents e.g. bond prospectuses into a customizable factsheet
- Document management system that converts all documents into publicly available hyperlinks

Our solutions are focused on the trading features of the Private Banking/Wealth Management industry but we are unique in that we help our clients satisfy the compliance elements of the industry. Through Bondlinc’s web-based trading portal, relationship managers and their assistants can monitor their client trade flows, and chat and distribute ideas, all within a self-contained ecosystem within the bank's own infrastructure.