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Betatron is a Venture Capital Firm which invests in early-stage, Asia-focused companies. We're hands-on and committed to helping our founders grow.

Betatron invests in promising start-ups across industry verticals. We focus on technology companies with a scalable business model and a large addressable market. Our objective is to help grow the companies and prepare them for large institutional funding rounds. We invest in circa 20 companies per year.

Follow-on financing achieved
For every US$ invested by Betatron, our start-ups have received more than 15 times of follow-on investments on average so far. Most of it has been achieved within one year of joining Betatron.

Our brand recognition in the start-up ecosystem.
Betatron was recently nominated in the category for 'Outstanding Contribution to the Asian Startup Ecosystem 2019'. With over 16,000 votes being cast, Betatron won the 1st place for Greater China and 2nd place for All-Asia.

  • Rafal 1
    Rafal Czerniawski
    Co-founder and CEO of IC Studio, a startup incubation studio based in Hong Kong, a Co-founder of the Betatron startup accelerator and early-stage s... Read More
  • David
    David Chang
    David has been involved with some of the most transformative companies to emerge from Silicon Valley and Asia. While working in finance, David star... Read More
  • Matthias Knobloch
    Managing Director and CEO
  • Michael Wojcieszek
  • Mitchell Suen
  • Nathaniel Chan
  • Aidan Chan
    Venture Partner
  • Arshad Chowdhury
    Managing Partner