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This job has expired.

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Communications, Design & Branding Intern Wanted


Hong Kong

Creative & Design

starting date : 2017-09-10

1PLUS1 can not provide a visa.


Does storytelling and crafting a visual message come second nature to you? Do you have a strong grasp of web, design, and technology-based tools for small businesses? Are you excited about the possibility of joining a start-up that is challenging the way thoughtful events & experiences are designed?

The internship affords a high degree of responsibility on working on strategic communications, the visual architecture behind keynote presentations, and integrated branding. You will work cross-functionally to help devise specific communications materials, website, video slides, pitches, proposals, video, social media, and campaigns based on understanding of client interests and the strategic direction of the company - see website.

Field of Study

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, but a knack for writing and pitching is essential. Past interns study Journalism, Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Marketing and Graphic Design, among other disciplines.


Interest and experience in Information organization, Visualizing information, Visual prioritization. Balance of boundless optimism + enthusiastic skepticism and most importantly… a team player!


Strategize, design & format key conceptual content & layout of key communications & branding materials including: website, pitch decks, sales proposals, client presentations, video slides, publications & newsletters

Additional Information

  • Part-Time: Location & hours flexible, approximately 10 - 20 hours per week; HK$2000 - $3000 / mth depending on experience
  • Start Date: Currently position open

To Apply

  • Fill out application form also at
  • And send your resume / CV to:
  • Rolling Applications: Currently accepting applications for Fall internship
  • Application Round 1 Date: September 6th, 2017
  • Application Round 2 Date: September 30th, 2017

You will be working with   Vincent Ng/ CEO


Equity part is negotiable.

Salary range / month :  < HK$ 20k

WHubber factors

Startups have different perks to offer to talent. Here is their allocation of 100 points.

Flexible Role and Responsibility

Impact on Society


Flexible hours

Flexible location

Created on: 2017/09/01

This job has expired.

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