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Machine Learning Engineer Wanted

Full time

Hong Kong

Software engineer

starting date : 2018-03-01

Pureform Technology can not provide a visa.


Pureform Technology is a seed-funded startup developing the next generation AI running coach for injury prevention and performance enhancement. We are a group of biomechanist, neuroscientist and machinine learning scientist, using scientifically proven biofeedback coupled with smart sensor technology to measure biomechanical parameters and provide real-time audio feedback. Our feedback technology is proven to reduce injury rate by more than 60%. 

Join us to disrupt the fitness industry! 


  1. Preprocessing of data for feature extraction
  2. Test different machine learning algorithm for classification and prediction
  3. Improve deployed machine learning models.
  4. Develop data collection pipeline for product testing
  5. Collaborate with Software engineers to deploy the trained model



  • Bachelor / M.Sc. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or equivalent field.
  • Previous programming experience, especially Python
  • Experience in various machine learning models, including deep learning models such as ANN and RNN
  • Experience in optimization of models using various ML techniques
  • Experience in backend development and database is a plus

We look for

  • Passionate about Fitness and A.I
  • Able to work on a tight R&D schedule
  • Able to collaborate and communicate clearly

Please send your CV and portfolio to if you are interested. 

Together we can make running-related injuries obsolete and realize people's potential! 

You will be working with   Rosa Chan


Equity part is negotiable.

Salary range / month :  < HK$ 20k

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Created on: 2018/01/08

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