UX/UI Designer Wanted

Full time

Hong Kong

Creative & Design

starting date : 2017-09-11

Oddity might be able to provide a visa.


Our odd team needs brother-designer.

You start with general concepts and step by step uncover details and micro-interactions that refer back to the idea. Each piece if your design has a sense which you can easily explain. You know how to make your design neat and simple and at the same time attract users for a while. You have at least a minimum understanding of technology, and even better if tech is your passion. Your knowledge allows you to make decisions and keep a balance between experiments and traditions at work. For the team you are that person who truly enjoys process and love every detail of a project, you can’t stand so-so results and dying for perfection. Of course, you are never happy in the end and want to start from scratch to make things better, it is only publications and awards that make you feel better about it and fill you with energy to move forward and constantly grow.

You will work with a team of odd people on complex interactive projects and experiments. Which includes but is not limited to web projects, apps and installations. Sometimes it's quite hard to generalise what you actually do, since designs could range from new startup interface to crazy installations for a museum. Given your developed aesthetical understanding you would master both. We will work together at office or cafe, park, boat, bar, fire escapes, roof, peak, and beach. Just because you and rest of the team can’t be limited by ordinary rules and do enjoy being mobile.

- You are responsible for the final design quality
- Design adaptive websites, apps, installations and so one
- Work on user flows, stories, red routes, and all this user’s orientated, staff
- Work closely with Creative Director on concepts, sketches, and presentation
- Create UI animations
- Write design briefs and documentations
- Work closely with developers

- Fluent Sketch
- At least know what is Principle for mac
- Know all bugs at Invision
- Know how to deal with Asana or any other PM tool
- Of course Adobe Creative Cloud package like Ps, Ai, Id, Ae
- Framer would be a big bonus
- Photography skills (camera settings, lighting) are good bonus too

- Flexible working hours
- Design related events, conferences, workshops and trips
- We are local Behance organiser, you would be attended

Please send your portfolio and expecting salary to hey@odditystudio.com

You will be working with   Alice Mourou .


Equity part is negotiable.

Salary range / month :  Negotiable

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Flexible Role and Responsibility

Impact on Society


Flexible hours

Flexible location

Created on: 2017/03/30

This job has expired.

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