Kalon Couture Limited

Kalon is an online fashion store that incorporates cutting edge 3D technology into made-to-measure womenswear.
Where we're at?

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Idea is formed project ready to launch.

Have paying customers adapting to market.

Growing company and users!

Our Vision
1. Through solving sizing issues, we wish to create a carefree online shopping environment where ladies will never have to worry about sizes again.
2. Due to the oversupply of fashion graduates, many design students cannot secure a job in the industry. We aim to support originally wasted design talents to pursue their fashion dream.
3. With made-to-measure, every item will be produced after an order has been placed. We can reduce unnecessary fashion waste and promote sustainable fashion.

Kalon reinvents the online shopping experience. By combining 3D body scanning and automatic patterning technology, Kalon eradicates all sizing problems by creating perfect fit garments. Customers will also be able to acquire designs from our global designers and get to know the stories behind them.

  • Kevin Tang
  • Chris Ng
  • Kelvin Fong
    Communications Officer
  • Ka Yan Lam
    Production Specialist