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Sales Internship Wanted


Hong Kong

Sales / Business Developer

starting date : 2017-11-12

Freedrop can not provide a visa.



First, you need to understand Chinese !

Then, you are expected to be passionate, energetic, diligent and entrepreneurial coz business development is hard and tough.

If you're student, you shd be at least Year-2 and have > 3-years working experiences.

Offer : HK$60/H + HK$100/Sales + Reference Letter and Networking.

Your core work is to grow hosts (stores) with us.


You will be working with   Jason NG


Equity part is negotiable.

Salary range / month :  none

WHubber factors

Startups have different perks to offer to talent. Here is their allocation of 100 points.

Flexible Role and Responsibility

Impact on Society


Flexible hours

Created on: 2017/11/11

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