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Digital Marketing Intern Wanted


Hong Kong


starting date : 2017-11-13

Electric Soul Limited can not provide a visa.


Electric Soul is an event-centric mobile application for the Dance Music Community. A one-stop shop to provide comprehensive information on the latest events and festivals.

Check out and download our app at www.electricsoul.com 

What we're looking for

A cool and talented person who is interested in Dance Music, digital marketing and tech startups in general. We're looking for someone who is self-directed and desires to work in an autonomous environment. We need someone who is eager to learn, doesn't always need to be told what to do, and can balance time and manage themselves.

Your Primary Responsibility

  • Conduct Marketing and Competitive Research
  • Plan, Design & Execute Marketing Campaigns
  • Create Branding Initiatives
  • Manage & Build Relationships with Influencers

Why Electric Soul?

  • An opportunity to be part of a growing company, where everybody's opinions get heard
  • Platform for your learning, growth, and thought-leadership development
  • Workplace and collaborative culture you can truly call home
  • Entrepreneurial, agile, and dynamic professional experience
  • Ability to move up within the company
  • An energizing work environment led by integrity, empathy, and honesty
  • An opportunity to get really creative with your wardrobe
  • Dope office
  • Bonus for excellent performance

*This is an Unpaid Internship*

You will be working with   Christina Tang .


Salary range / month :  Negotiable

WHubber factors

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Flexible Role and Responsibility

Impact on Society


Flexible hours

Flexible location

Created on: 2017/11/06

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